Keeping Agile at the Heart of the Internet

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 23, 2011 from 3:45 – 4:30pm in B204


BIND is the nameserver which runs 80% of DNS world wide... It
is maintained by a non profit managed open source company and driven
by an international user and developer community. What does product
management, using scrum, on an open source project, with developers on
three continents, look like?


At ISC, we work hard to develop and maintain high quality software that supports critical internet infrastructure. We have been working over the last two years to move our managed open source model into an increasingly open development methodology. We are also doing collaborating development with organizations around the world and have embraced agile as a development methodology. Pulling all this off while developing and supporting critical internet infrastructure is no easy feat; hopefully some of what we’ve learned in the effort would be useful to other open source citizens.

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    Larissa Shapiro



    Larissa works on the Mozilla project, where after having led product management process change, she has shifted to leading contributior and pathway development on the community building team, which seeks to change the community building culture for the better and grow Mozilla’s global contributor base.
    Prior to joining Mozilla, Larissa was the first (and only) Product Manager at Internet Systems Consortium, an open source public benefit organization which is the creator and maintainer of BIND, the DNS software which serves 80% or more of the nameservers on the internet. She lives in Santa Cruz, California, with her family. When she is not working on open source projects, she likes to garden and sing the blues.