Scaling with MongoDB

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 22, 2011 from 9:00 – 9:45am in B302/03


MongoDB is a popular new document-based non-relational database. Like all new technologies learning its strengths and weaknesses while trying to support a quickly growing dataset is trying.


Urban Airship started using MongoDB in early 2010 and began migrating data off of it almost exactly a year later.

This talk will detail the wins Urban Airship gained with MongoDB as well as the shortcomings that eventually led to other databases being preferred. The goal is not to encourage or discourage anyone considering MongoDB but rather to share one group’s experience with the database while supporting an ever growing amount of data.

For those who saw the first iteration of this talk at Update Portland, the slides will be updated, improved, and new data on sharding, replica sets, etc. will be added.

Speaking experience


  • Schmichael 2009.05.21

    Michael Schurter

    Urban Airship


    Michael Schurter is a Python developer at Urban Airship in Portland. He spends his days hacking Django, databases of both the relational and non-relational kind, and a bunch of other fun technologies while trying to get outside and away from technology as often as possible.

    He’s an active member in the Portland Python User Group and started the Update Portland meetup as a technology-agnostic forum for people to share their experiences with database, queues, and other data plumbing.