Give a Great Tech Talk

Accepted Session
Long Form
Scheduled: Tuesday, June 21, 2011 from 1:30 – 3:15pm in B304


Why do so many technical presentations suck? Make sure that yours doesn't. Josh Berkus and Ian Dees will show you how to share your ideas with your audience by speaking effectively and (when the situation warrants it) showing your code.


While a terrific presentation may take talent, making a good one is a matter of science and practice. As generations of Toastmasters have proved, anyone can do it. Veteran conference presenter Josh Berkus will go over his tech talk tips in detail in order to help you improve your presentation skills. Programmer and slide-slinger Ian Dees will take on the specific topics of showing code to an audience and composing your slides.

  • How to prepare for a talk
  • Nobody cares about your slides
  • … but make good ones anyway
  • 7 terrible habits of ineffective presenters
  • Audience interaction 101
  • When your demo crashes
  • Curate your code examples
  • The audience outside the lecture hall

Speakers who are giving talks later in the conference are especially encouraged to attend.

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