iizip: Hacking together your own Dropbox

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 3, 2010 from 3:45 – 4:30pm in Fremont


Dropbox, the leader in online storage and synchronization, is good, but not good enough. Find out how you can hack together your own equivalent that's more flexible, secure and convenient.


Dropbox is probably the current leader in the storage application and service space for desktop users. Featuring an auto-commit-and-update mechanism to transparently send updates to a file repository, changes are reflected on any other machine in near real-time.

Unfortunately, while Dropbox promises security, you cannot use your own infrastructure for data storage. Most data security policies would make this a show stopper for many organizations that wish to deploy such a facility.

By gluing a few existing open source tools together, you can replicate the functionality with a version control system, a file system watcher and a scheduled task. Add in a sprinkling of open protocols and communications mechanisms and iizip promises to deliver what Dropbox currently cannot – flexibility, security and openness.

In this talk, Ben Dechrau will discuss the problem, the solution and give a live demonstration of the current system. He will discuss the implementation and design decisions and cover the road map ahead.

Attendees will be rewarded for challenging those decisions, clever heckling and funny jokes with the intention that healthy discussions will help guide iizip on its rightful path to world domination.

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    Ben Dechrau

    Sputnik Agency


    Ben Dechrau was born in Germany, grew up in the UK, lives in Melbourne, and brews his own beer.

    A software developer and open source community liaison by day, Ben is the Vice-President of the Linux Users of Victoria, Treasurer of the Open Source Developers’ Club and convener of the Melbourne PHP Users Group and BarCampMelbourne.

    He frequently speaks at Australian and international conferences and events on a broad range of topics. He also drinks a lot of coffee.