Agile User Experience Design

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 from 4:45 – 5:30pm in St. Johns


Agile processes can be very successful for both clients and developers, but the rapid pace and the lack of detailed long-term plans can make it difficult to design and build high quality user experiences. We'll talk about good ways to do that.


Luckily for developers, agile practices drive or influence much of the work we do. This is good. We get more done, and since our clients are heavily involved in short iterations more of it is right the first time.

These short iterations make quality user experience design challenging. How do you design and test a feature in a single agile iteration? It can easily take more than one iteration just to recruit for a usability test.

I’ve helped implement agile UX design at a consulting shop and a product company, and I’m here to help you. There’s no silver bullet, no out-of-the-box solution, just like there’s no One True Way of Agile. Without tying ourselves to any particular brand or sect of agile, we’ll talk about successful strategies and tactics for many environments.

We’ll define what it means to succeed and then walk through specific processes and techniques that can lead us there. We’ll talk about how to apply increasing levels of detail through the lifetime of a feature, and about communicating with the rest of the project team.

With a good team and a good process, it’s possible to do really excellent work. I hope that designers, developers, and managers will find something valuable in what we discuss.

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    Randall Hansen



    I have been creating human-computer interfaces since 1986 (for my Dad, on a Tandy 1000, in BASIC), and professionally since 1995. I am Director of User Experience at AboutUs here in Portland, where I try to create web interfaces that are worth your time. Previously I was UX Director at OpenSourcery.

    I’m the one with the beard.