A Cloud To Call Your Own - Building Services On Open Nebula

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 3, 2010 from 2:30 – 3:15pm in Broadway


Cloud computing, it's not all just hype! This presentation will highlight the benefits of an application centric view of infrastructure and operations and include a live demo building cloud infrastructure and providing services using Open Source tools. Starting with bare Linux images, Open Nebula will be automatically installed and configured on a cluster, while walking through the tools, architecture and resources you need to do the same thing.


Cloud computing is all about smart, dynamic allocation of the computing resources you have at hand. It doesn’t take the resources of Amazon or Google to build a small private cloud for your own needs. Keith Hudgins will show you how to use off-the-shelf open source components to build and manage a real, working cloud infrastructure complete with networking and storage management, and do it all in plain view!

The cloud stack being demonstrated is based on Open Nebula, a leading open-source virtual infrastructure management tool from Spain. Comparable to Eucalyptus or vSphere, yet easily extensible and hackable via Ruby and C. It’s the brains of the beast, handling API calls, telling your VMs where to live, and what they can do with themselves.

Chef is a configuration management tool built on Ruby that makes it easy to wrangle your servers into shape. It rides herd on all of our components to easily control our cloud.

Xen is not only one of the leading hypervisors available today, it also runs on almost any reasonable processor, so you can build your cloud with the spare boxes you have in your closet!

Best of all, the scripts and recipes used to provision and deploy this rag-tag band of freedom fighting software will be open sourced and available to you!


The presentation will walk through these tools, the architecture and resources you need to build a cloud of your own. The recipes and resource references presented will be open sourced as part of the presentation.

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  • Keith

    Keith Hudgins



    I’m a sysadmin and web technologist who has been in the business since the early days of the commercial web. I’m interested in almost all aspects of technology. Lately, I’m focusing my efforts on cloud solutions and what you can do with them.


  • Focus

    Andrew Clay Shafer



    Andrew Shafer is a lead engineer and infrastructure consultant at Cloudscaling where he helps organizations leverage and create next generation cloud computing resources and platforms.

    Andrew brings with him a background in computational science, embedded Linux, database administration, web frameworks, and operations. In addition to technical expertise, Andrew focuses on helping organizations navigate the technology Renaissance triple point between people, process and tools.

    When he’s not playing with his sons, hacking in his basement or speaking at conferences, Andrew instigates events like Agile Roots and Ignite Salt Lake. You can find his ranting and self-deprecating humor about programming, system automation, Agile methods, Open Source business models and cloud computing at twitter.com/littleidea.