Organizing a Volunteer-Driven Open Source Community Project

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 from 10:00 – 10:45am in Morrison


Panel: Organization, coordination, and implementation of a volunteer community open source project: (by PDX Drupal UG)


This panel will describe the process of one local group’s community project from inception to completion, and the panelists will be able to answer questions and speak to considerations that the audience might have regarding organizing a community project of their own.

Panel members will be myself, as organizer/project manager; Melissa Anderson of Incite Development, as technical lead/Drupal manger; Molly Vogt of the City of Gresham (my Americorps supervisor) who did a lot of political organizing and set up the structure that made this possible; Joaquin Lippencott of Metal Toad Media, who donated theming and recruited a design team that took the project to the next level; and Israel Bayer, of Street Roots Newspaper, who the project was for.

We will discuss the development of the website, the first volunteer community project of the Portland Drupal User Group, which I organized as my capstone Americorps project.

What began as an effort to map resources for the area turned into a massive volunteer undertaking to provide a tool for a local nonprofit to better manage and publish their data.

We will talk about how the project came to be, the considerations that were made, and the recruitment and the pulling together of local resources and volunteers that enabled this project to happen, and include perspectives from the people and groups involved. We’ll also offer suggestions to identify and build community projects for any local user group.

This panel will include the individuals involved in various aspects of the project and will provide a well-rounded array of information from all perspectives of implementing such a project, from technical, outreach/promotion, client, and developer perspectives.

Note: This site just launched on March 28th, 2009! You will now be able to see it by going to
You can also check out our project/development page at

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