CouchApp Evently Guided Hack with CouchDB

Accepted Session
Hacking Session
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 from 10:00 – 11:45am in St. Johns


Learn to hack Evently jQuery CouchApps -- p2p web applications that can be deployed anywhere there's a CouchDB.


Apache CouchDB can host HTML5 apps natively, serving them over HTTP. Learn how to write JavaScript CouchApps which run on both the client and the server.

We’ll assume you are familiar with jQuery and your command-line shell of choice, and that you have an installed copy of CouchDB (at least version 0.11).

Update: I did a test-run of this hack in an O’Reilly webcast. If you are interested to see it, the recording is here

Note: the below is good background still, but doesn’t 100% describe what we’ll do in the hack. I’m hoping to maximize the interactivity… I want to make sure we have as many people there replicating data around as we can.

We’ll be hacking on Taskr, first I’ll show you all how to run it, then we’ll collaborate on code. Here’s Taskr

If you want to hack server side Mustache templates, you should install the latest version of Sofa

We can hack on this too.

And hopefully there will be a lot of time for people who’ve tried writing CouchApps and have questions to work with me and everyone else to learn.

Another goal of mine with this hack: I want to meet people who can pitch in to help with the replicating p2p CouchDB web applications stuff.

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