microWorking Open Workshop (microWOW): Launch Your Open Project!

Accepted Session
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 from 10:00 – 11:45am in B302/303


Getting a project off the ground is daunting, and most of us aren’t trained in project management and community building skills. At this session, Mozilla Science Lab will help you take your project from idea to reality and give you technical, project management, and community building skills to kickstart your work.


With help from a set of trainings created by Mozilla, you will learn how to create maximally open and effective initiatives, and build active communities of contributors. This workshop gives project leaders the tools they need to make projects that succeed! There are no technical prerequisites for this workshop. Exercises can be done in any text editor, however participants with a knowledge of GitHub will be encouraged to use that platform.

Why is it called microWOW? The full Mozilla Working Open Workshop (https://mozillascience.github.io/WOW-2017/) is two days long, this is a micro workshop sized version! Less time commitment for you, but access to the same resources as the full WOW.

But my project isn’t ready! All you need is an idea to attend this workshop. microWOW is a safe and fun space to work, even if your idea is not ready for prime time. microWOW will help you get the skills you need to grow your project, especially if it depends on collaboration or community participation. We’ll prepare you for a for strong project launch using the principles of open source software development — though it is important to note that non-technical projects are welcome and encouraged. Scientific software projects, survey research projects, and community education projects have all participated in past WOWs.

The goal of this session is to get participants to think about the documentation that open projects use to facilitate contributions (roadmap, README, contributing guide, codes of conduct). We will discuss best practices and get participants started on writing (or improving existing) project strategy plans and READMEs during the workshops. We will also connect participants to a community of project leads (the other participants) and create a space for them to support each other as they launch their projects.

This workshop is suitable for all levels.


project management, project strategy, community management, open science, science, Open Source, community building, advocacy

Speaking experience

I have given a lot of talks! But somehow I don't have recordings of my talks. I'll link to my Mozilla Fellowship resume [here](https://github.com/daniellecrobinson/fellows-class-2016/blob/master/danielle/Danielle_Robinson_resume.md). I have delivered this material in a longer format at the [Montreal WOW](https://mozillascience.github.io/WOW-2017/) and [miniWOW PDX](https://daniellecrobinson.github.io/mini-wow-pdx/). This session will be a shorter hands-on session, focusing on project strategy with a round table discussion on community management.


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    Danielle Robinson

    Mozilla Science Lab


    Danielle Robinson is a 2016 Mozilla Fellow for Science with PhD in Neuroscience from Oregon Health and Science University. She is an experienced scientist, community builder, and technical communicator. She is passionate about applying the philosophy of open source software development to scientific research to improve efficiency and research reproducibility. Danielle received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and has a strong record of leadership, mentorship, and policy work. She is a founding member of Women in Science Portland and OHSU BioData Club and has collaborated on projects including Science Hack Day Portland, Open Insight PDX, Mozilla’s Working Open Workshop, and Radian Data.