Want to own Twitter? The burgeoning Platform Cooperativism movement and what it means for you.

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Thursday, June 22, 2017 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B204


They have started up democratic copies of major platforms. They are building ways to better collaborate using the internet. They’re even talking about citizens buying out and protecting important internet communities like Twitter. Who are these people? They are Platform Cooperativists.


Springing onto the scene in 2014 and growing quickly since then, the Platform Cooperativism movement has brought together a diverse crowd who share the same worries about how the internet and contemporary capitalism are starting to negatively affect their communities. They seek to solve problems by focusing on governance and ownership of the internet, and starting up platform cooperatives.

Learn about this growing and still shape-shifting movement. Hear about the companies, known as platform cooperatives, aiming to be fair and democratic versions of Amazon, AirBNB, IStockPhoto, and more. Be inspired by possible solutions to some of the greatest problems facing today’s internet, economy, and society. In this era of powerful web platforms dominating the internet, this movement is an important one to understand and participate in.

We will cover
- A brief history of the cooperative movement
- How Platform Cooperativism blended the tech and cooperative communities together
- What Platform Cooperatives mean for the sharing economy, open source, inclusivity, open culture, and the indie web
- The state of Platform Cooperativism today, including examples of successful and not-so-successful companies and organizations

I’ll leave time for Q/A and zealous discussion at the end.


economy, platform cooperativism, cooperatives, sharing economy, Open Source, open culture, indie web

Speaking experience

I have had many opportunities to facilitate meetings and discussions and am confident speaking in front of groups and holding space. I have planned and hosted several half-day Open Space unconference events in university and workplace settings, and have presented a lecture comparing the effectiveness of different organizational forms in supporting social justice at the 2013 PowerShift BC conference. This will be my first time hosting this workshop.