Introduction to Clojure

Accepted Session
Long Form
Scheduled: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 from 10:00 – 11:45am in B204


Move fast and break things in this 100-minute, introductory-level Clojure workshop!


Are you interested in rainbow parens, functional programming, and the JVM? If so, Clojure may be the language for you!

In this workshop, you’ll learn

  • The common use cases for Clojure
  • Basics of Clojure syntax
  • How to get started with the Leiningen build tool
  • How to navigate Clojure’s library ecosystem, and
  • Resources for further study.

The installation guide for this guide will be posted on Wednesday morning here:

Until then, it will contain the installation guide.


clojure, functional programming, programming

Speaking experience

h3. Talks and workshops:

* ClojureBridge workshops in San Francisco and Austin
* A panel on "Women Who Code Who Do Tech Talks":
* An "Intro to Clojure Lab": at Clojure/West 2015

and, by the time this talk will have happened,

* A "talk on organizing workshops": at Clojure/West 2016
* A "talk on onboarding junior developers remotely": at self.conference 2016

I've also done a few podcasts:

* "The Cognicast":
* "Turing-Incomplete":

...along with a few more that will be posted by the time this talk happens.

h3. Related Things That Aren't Speaking

Also, though it's not "speaking experience," the following are things I've done that are related to my talk:

* Helped organize "Philly ETE": and "Open Source Bridge":
* Started the "Philly chapter of Papers We Love":
* Mentored at "Hackbright Academy":
* Mentored at PennApps Winter 2015
* Led community-building unsessions at Clojure/conj 2014, Clojure/West 2015, and (by the time this talk happens) Clojure/West 2016

I've also done informal community-related stuff while a member of "Double Union":


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