An Introduction to ClojureScript

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Scheduled: Thursday, June 23, 2016 from 4:45 – 5:30pm in B301


ClojureScript is a fun, productive language that compiles to JavaScript. Though its syntax is a different its functional immutable nature lets you be productive when developing complex web applications.


ClojureScript is a modern dynamic language that compiles to JavaScript. Though it may not yet be familiar to you, ClojureScript and an architecture built around immutable data structures, is a simpler, more powerful, and easier way to develop complex web applications.

This talk will introduce ClojureScript development, discuss recent developments in the eco-system and examine the benefits and use cases where ClojureScript excels. I’ll also make suggestions reducing the friction of introducing ClojureScript at your company.


clojurescript, clojure, web apps

Speaking experience

I've spoken at clojure meetups (I organize the clojure pdx group), iOS conferences and various public and private technical training courses.


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    Julio Barros is a Clojure and ClojureScript developer, trainer and consultant in Portland Oregon. He organizes the Clojure PDX meetup where everyone is welcome to discuss related topics. He enjoys building and helping others build powerful web applications and distributed systems.


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