Running an EDU on OSS

Accepted Session
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Scheduled: Thursday, June 18, 2009 from 5:00 – 5:45pm in Burnside


An examination and discussion of the various enterprise-class OSS tools available for course management, online collaboration, and administration for educational institutions.


With the current economy, we’re seeing enrollments in higher education rise while budgets get cut; in these tough times, OSS allows institutions to empower their greatest asset: their people. In this presentation, we compare and contrast several popular enterprise-class EDU OSS tools, including Moodle, Sakai, .LRN, and Kuali, discussing their architectures, strengths and weaknesses, and how to get involved with making them better.

Speaking experience


  • Brewer

    Michael Alan Brewer

    The University of Georgia


    Michael Brewer is a Web Developer Principal for the Franklin College Office of Information Technology at The University of Georgia. He designs database-backed web applications used by thousands of students and faculty and has served on several college and University-wide committees on Web development, best practices, and application security. In 2005, he won an Advising Technology Innovation Award from the National Academic Advising Association for an academic advising application he maintains; he also serves on the board of the United States PostgreSQL Association. He holds bachelor degrees in both Mathematics and Music from The University of Georgia, conducts Georgia’s oldest continuously-operating community band, is Director of Music at Emmanuel Episcopal Church (Athens, GA), and is a member of ASCAP.