Let’s build a CI/CD pipeline

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Scheduled: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 from 1:30 – 2:15pm in B301


An exploration of the cost and value of CI/CD, and a walkthrough of setting up a CI/CD pipeline.


Continuous integration/deployment is a methodology for making small, iterative changes that get deployed frequently. Many companies have reservations about adopting this strategy, from small startups with important deadlines to large enterprises with lengthy release cycles. We’ll explore the cost and value of the CI/CD methodology and how it fits into your organization, then set up a CI/CD pipeline using Spring Boot, Cloudfoundry, and a CI/CD server to see it in action.


ci, cd, Continuous Integration, continuous delivery, Spring, cloudfoundry

Speaking experience

Various small-medium talks in the Denver area for Galvanize, gSchool, open lunch talks hosted by Pivotal, and many workshops for clients.


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    Jean de Klerk



    Jean is a consultant and open source evangelist at Pivotal helping companies achieve success through agile process, moving to cloud-ready apps, and enabling developers on technologies and extreme programming. Jean’s open source experience includes work on projects such as React.js, Spring, several ruby gems, and many of his own projects – including npm modules, grunt plugins, ruby gems, and many tutorials and demos.


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