Humanising Math and Physics on Computer Science

Accepted Session
Short Form
Scheduled: Thursday, June 25, 2015 from 3:45 – 4:30pm in B304


There are some myths around Science - it's boring, useless, difficult. Many of them are heard while we are young, and many people tend to take then for the entire life. Science is very important, specially on Computer Science and Engineering, for building the basis of our logical thinking.


How much time did you spend on College criticizing the great amount of Math and Physics classes? How many times did you cry after a bad grade on Calculus lessons? Do you feel you really learned the basis of Physics during your classes?

There are some myths around Science – it’s boring, useless, difficult.
This talk will talk about this cultural problem we have on teaching Science subjects and give some tips on how can we humanise this topic and apply them on Computer Science. Through didactic and entertaining examples, any class may become more interesting.
Some topics that will be covered:
- Science during childhood – do teachers at school have necessary motivation to humanise Science?
- Science heroes – Transforming our Mathematicians into the new Super Man
- Science on graduation courses – How does it help our logical thinking on Computer Science and Engineering courses?
- Science after College – transforming it into a passion
- Techniques to motivate people to like Science
- Techniques to teach Science topics to people
- Organizing Science meetups


math, science

Speaking experience

I am active into Brazilian community. I spoke into local conferences, such as RubyConf Brazil, The Developers Conference, FISL, Latinoware and others. I also spoke at Confoo (a big conference in Montréal, Canada) and Rubyconf Argentina. Link for one of my sessions at Rubyconf Argentina 2014