On-device, open source mobile vector rendering of OpenStreetMap

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Scheduled: Tuesday, June 23, 2015 from 10:00 – 10:45am in B304


Learn about the moving pieces of Mapbox GL, an open source framework for rendering beautiful maps based on OpenStreetMap-based data on Android and iOS. Find out what goes into making completely configurable world maps that are always up to date and always available in your pocket.


Mapbox GL is a completely open source framework for turning OpenStreetMap, and other, map data into beautiful, device-rendered maps. This means that the style can change at 60 frames per second, including when offline. Come learn about the pieces that go into this stack, from vector “tiles” of map data, to low-level rendering, on to developer APIs and eventually, apps. We’ll have plenty of demos on Android and iOS to show off the capabilities.


mobile, android, iOS, maps, OpenStreetMap, OpenGL, GPU, offline, mapbox

Speaking experience

I've spoken at nearly every OSB, at OSCON, various maps, mobile, and open source conferences, and in venues worldwide. You can see my past talks and experience at http://justinmiller.io/talks/


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    Justin Miller



    Justin began the mobile efforts at Mapbox in 2010 and today helps lead development of the iOS and Android SDKs, works on experimental prototyping, and assists with teambuilding efforts. He’s been working in Apple’s programming environments for fifteen years, programming professionally for twenty, and has a background in systems administration, web development, and building startups. He ran a solo consultancy for five years during the early days of the app stores, creating apps for clients and for himself. In his free time, Justin enjoys world travel, photography, hiking, and baking pies.