Leveraging Docker to Enable Learning

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Scheduled: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 from 4:45 – 5:30pm in B201


When giving workshops or presenting online tutorials, it's frequently the case that the system setup can take longer than the actual learning exercises. Using Docker to provide a learning sandbox solves this problem while avoiding changing the learner's system in potentially destructive ways.


When giving technical hands-on workshops it’s frequently challenging to get everyone’s system set up correctly. Different operating systems, differing installation frameworks or versions, existing development environments – these can all present challenges which can bog down your workshop.

Docker is designed to support complex products – with multiple containers linked together to form a complex system. It helps to standardize development and production environments and supports many other fairly complicated goals. These are the use cases you may have heard for Docker, but it’s also a very powerful teaching tool.

Creating a docker container with exactly the right configuration means that you can remove the user’s system setup from the equation entirely. As you update the resources in your github repository, new containers are magically created, resulting in a system which dynamically evolves as your content does.

In this workshop, each attendee will create a github repository with a simple application setup, get the docker container working, and then test it ourselves. You’ll need a github login to make this all work, but other than that we’ll be building everything from scratch.

While any type of system can be created, repositories will be available for forking with Perl, Python and Node.


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I've spoken at OSCON 3 years running, as well as Future Insights Live, Gluecon, Defrag, PHPTek and many others.


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