Open Source Doesn't Have To Mean Free

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At some point in the past, somehow the idea of open source began to mean that it had to be free. Yet some of the best businesses on the web are built on open source technologies and they earn a decent profit. Is this idea at odds with the open source philosophy? In a word, no. Learn why earning a profit from open source isn't bad, and what you should do to make sure your company is a good open source citizen.


At some point in the past, somehow the idea of open source began to mean that all open source software had to be free.

This thinking is disingenuous to the many companies that make a living selling, working on and distributing open source technologies.

There’s a tremendous profit to be earned through open source technologies by companies willing to do good and give back to the communities that support them. Learn why open source is a great platform for your business, and how you can be a good open source corporate citizen.

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I have spoken at OSCON, PHP UK, DC PHP user group, Baltimore PHP user group, Portland user group, ZendCon and others. This is the first time giving this talk. My talks are at


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    Brandon Savage is a software developer who began his PHP career in 2003, before PHP 5 was even released. He began by developing gaming systems, figuring that having a computer complex math was preferable to doing it by hand. Brandon eventually figured out that he could make money by writing code, and began full time software development in 2008. He quickly outgrew his first few roles, and eventually landed at Mozilla, where he works as a Software Engineer on the Socorro team and has since added several open source technologies to his resume. Brandon lives in Olney, Maryland with his wife and three cats. He is an instrument rated private pilot.