Blogs, Content Management, and more, installing web applications is easy and accessible to the mildly technical.



How to install, set up and host open source web based web based applications like WordPress, Drupal and vtiger. Also look at how and where you can host them locally, under your own domain name with as much or as little control/maintenance as you need or can handle.


There are thousands of free open source applications that were written to run on a web server. For many the task of getting them installed and maintaining them seems daunting. While there are some that do require advanced technical knowledge there are many that are as simple to install as enabling them in a control panel. In terms of maintenance many have simple upgrade and update procedures. For example WordPress a very popular blogging software can be added to most sites in a matter of minutes.

I’ll demonstrate the fundamental steps for installing an application on virtual hosting (the $4 a month kind) and on a standalone server that could be part of company’s intranet or hosted at an Internet service provider.

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