Hacking: the Product Management Superpower!

Short Form


I'm a web hacker first - this means I can express myself as easily in code as I can in prose or a spreadsheet - probably better. As I've tackled this new role I've discovered that my hacking abilities are actually like a superpower, allowing me to be more independent and productive than I otherwise would be.

Why? Simply put, the most important resource I have to make the right product decisions is data, so the key skills I have at my disposal are my abilities to query, filter and analyze available data sources to really understand my users.


I’m the Product manager for an open source project at Mozilla called Jetpack. Since taking this job, I’ve discovered that being a hacker first is like having a secret superpower. This talk is all about how I’ve found that my hacking skills and technical knowledge have made more more independent and effective as I attempt to understand how the commnity is using our tools, how to understand the features we need to build and how our users use them.

Speaking experience

Spoke last year at OS Bridge, speaking experience dates back to 2008 at various conferences including PHP Quebec, FSOSS 2011, FOSDEM 2012. Co-organizer of Open Web Vancouver 2008-2009, co-organizer of Polyglot Vancouver 2013.