The Tao of Project Management (It's Not About The Tools)

Short Form


It's generally agreed that successful project management is part science, part dark art. This talk gets deeper into the types of people and processes at work that make a project successful.


Discussion at conferences, meetups, and other gatherings of project managers and those in organizations in charge of getting things done often centers around tools and how an organization uses them. Inspired by my blog post on the topic (, this session gets deeper into the psychology and methodology of successful project management.

Speaking experience

I’ve presented in front of a number of smaller groups at tech meetups and led BOF groups at BADCamp and PNWDS (Drupal events). I've presented this session internally at Metal Toad, and have submitted a similar version for session consideration at Drupalcon this year.


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    Adam Edgerton

    Metal Toad Media


    As the Director of Project Management, Adam leads Metal Toad’s project management team to ensure deadlines and budgets are met while providing a great customer experience and top-notch project quality. This includes managing the company’s project portfolio and resource allocation, working with premier clients on large-scale projects, mentoring and developing Metal Toad’s project managers, defining lightweight but effective company processes, and coordinating with sales, operations, and development departments to keep things running like clockwork. He has worked with a number of industry leading-organizations including the Linux Foundation, DC Comics, FEARnet, KEEN footwear, PBS, ABC, Technicolor, and the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra.