Hacking Puppet

Short Form


Hack Deeper into Puppet by understanding its Data


This presentation will discuss the internal architectural details of Puppet focused on how Puppet can be viewed as a system that performs configuration management based on the transformations between data types.

It will discuss the internal details of the data types and fully explain the details of how users can programmatically transform between the data types with a focus in:
- why you should care about this
- existing application that take advantage of this

Speaking experience

tons of experience. In the last few months, I've spoken at OSCON, OpenStack summit, LCA, and a few Puppetcamps


  • Biography

    Dan Bode has worked in the technology industry as a consultant and software developer for the past decade. He has spent most of the last 4 years building infrastructure automation solutions and teaching people how to use Puppet. He currently works in the Business Development at PuppetLabs where he spends his time researching technologies and integrating them with Puppet.

    He is also the author of Puppet Types and Providers.