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Moubser is a wearable belt with a Bluetooth headset for visually impaired people that guide them to move and navigate in a safe, quick and easy way besides, it also let them recognize the most common objects/obstacles they would face in their daily life. Whenever an object/obstacle comes into the user’s path, Moubser would notify him for the presence of this object/obstacle through a vibration motors, in addition to if this object/obstacle is one of the most common pre-defined objects/obstacles within Moubser’s system, the user would hear the name of this object/obstacle through the bluetooth headset. Moubser heavily rely on utilizing the RGB image and Infrared depth data captured by Microsoft Kinect to recognize the incoming obstacle/object and its direction.

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  • islam nazir



    Winner of University of the story competition 2009
    I have been succeeded in the elections of student’s confederation ((2011-2012))
    My position was Secretary of the Scientific Committee of the Federation students
    THE accomplishments:-
    Create a lot of creation centers and several services helping students
    to shape their skills by supply a free courses.
    Confirm many conferences in a cloud computing filed.
    Organize a competition under name ""made in menouf.
    Organize a competition about the best graduation project.
    I used my experience to solve a major problems belong to students.
    Up rise a community in a several fields likes” “embedded system & data base & network …etc.)).