Why Licenses Matter to Your Ability to Make a Living

Short Form


WordPress is the basis for thousands of businesses these days. But the interpretation of the GPL followed by the WordPress Foundation has left many users wondering if it's the best open source project to depend on a living from. This talk will cover a discussion of the licenses open source projects use and how that impacts business.


There’s nothing wrong with earning a living through work based on an open source project, provided you follow the license that project is made available under. But some licenses are more friendly to work with than others and, before you make a commitment, you should understand which license is which.

This talk will look at the issue through the lens of WordPress and the GPL, particularly the question of how paid themes should be licensed. This issue is one that rears its head in the WordPress community on a regular basis, often putting people who think that they’re following the letter of the license at odds with the WordPress Foundation.

I’ll also cover some of the different ways that freelancers and consultants can explain different licenses and their respective values to clients.

Speaking experience

WordCamp Baltimore
BarCamp San Diego
BlogWorld Expo
WordCamp Mid-Atlantic x2
Day Camp for Developers x2