("00"==false) ? "javascript" : (("0"==false) ? "php" : ((0==false) ? "c" : "ruby"))

Short Form


cassis.js: universal client and server javascript now. This
talk will discuss how CASSIS was discovered, how to use language hacks
to execute code in multiple language environments, and what real-world
use cases can take advantage of such code.


CASSIS is universal JavaScript (JS) that works on the
client and the server for scalable application logic. Developed as an
immediate to near-term solution until typical web hosting companies
make it easy to run JS on the server (e.g. Node.js), CASSIS is a fast
functional open source JS-subset and framework you can use today to
implement application logic once and have it run both dynamically in
browsers with JS, and on the server for when JS is not supported
(search engines), is disabled (security), or slow (mobile).

Speaking experience

SXSW, W3C, Web 2.0, OpenWebCamp, YUIConf, Web Directions, Voices That Matter: Web Design, An Event Apart, dConstruct, WordCamp, Supernova, Future of Web Apps, @media, ETech. More links, slides and videos:
This talk was given to a small audience at Open Web Camp III at Stanford and to a broader audience at Falsy Values in Poland, both in 2011. The OSBridge version of this talk will emphasize the more technical language hacking aspects and benefits.