Commercial, open source and community; is it an oxymoron?

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Panel discussion on the viability and strategies around commercial open source communities.


When you throw open source, commercial interests, and the goal of building a community all into one, many feel it just doesn’t seem right. While we know open source and community jive, can you truly be open and a commercial company at the same time? Or how does having commercial interest and community participation work together? In this panel, we’ll bring together some of the top community manager in commercial open source together to discuss and debate these issues in a open ended manner.

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    John Mertic



    John Mertic serves as the Community Manager for SugarCRM, having several years of experience with PHP web applications and open source communities. A frequent conference speaker and an avid writer, he has been published in php|architect, IBM Developerworks, and in the Apple Developer Connection, and is the author of the book ‘The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM: Better Business Applications’ and the book ‘Building on SugarCRM: Creating Applications the Easy Way’. He has also contributed to many open source projects, most notably the PHP project where is the creator and maintainer of the PHP Windows Installer.