Catalyzing Org Change With Open Source Software

Short Form


You found the right open source solution for your new client. You create an amazingly beautiful, technically awesome, super-sophisticated piece of coding wizardry that borderlines on semantic web poetry. You deliver it to them on time, on budget and it works. The next day you get a phone call and it's DOA. WTF???


The moment you implement or deploy open source software for an organization of any size, you are engaging in organizational change and have become a change agent.

It does not matter if you are a…

developer or engineer
designer or UI/UX geek
project manager or team leader
consultant or thought leader
community manager or marketing evangelist

…the success of a particular open source software, weather it gains adoption or it’s dead on arrival may have nothing to do with the solution but rather the organization itself and it’s ability or inability to change. You can elegantly implement the most functional open source solution and then watch it die upon delivery, because you failed to anticipate how that software would impact and change the organization’s…

management structure
job roles

….oh and you completely neglected to lead or engage in that change. :)

Why do open source solutions work for some organizations and not others? How can you effectively collaborate in the change that the open source software catalyzes in order to create a higher likely hood that it will get adopted and the organization will change for the better?

Join this open discussion on catalyzing org change with open source software and share your ideas and the lessons you have learned from working in open source software and change management with the community.

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