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...or as they say in a mirror universe, basic regexes. A run through on getting the most out of regular expressions.


Regular Expressions are a powerful tool for text matching and manipulation. Whether you’re a web developer, studying natural language processing, doing bio-informatics, or writing system administrative scripts, chances are that regular expressions make your job easier. The language syntax, though, can be a little hard to start with.

This talk goes through the basics entities used in regular expressions, and discusses methods for how to go about building complex patterns. We will also cover the sexeger, an clever, very hacky method, to improve regex performance in certain situations.

The talk will be language neutral.

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    Philip Tellis



    Philip Tellis is a geek who likes to make the computer do his work for him. As part of his job with the Performance and Security teams at Yahoo! he analyses the impact of various design decisions on web application performance and security. He also maintains the javascript implementation of strftime used in YUI and plays around with security, accessibility and i18n. He is the maintainer of several opensource projects including ayttm and libyahoo2, and most recently, boomerang — a real user web performance measurement tool.

    In his spare time, Philip enjoys cycling, reading, cooking and learning spoken languages.

    Philip has spoken at several conferences in the past, including FOSS.IN, FREED.IN, Ubuntulive, Linux Symposium, PHP Quebec, Opensource Bridge, WebDU, FOSDEM, IPC and ConFoo.