PHP Application Recipe:Simple bite size morsels you can develop in less then an hour



Bring your laptop and together we will develop a scalable, portable, well abstracted PHP based application without thinking (not too much anyway). In an open dialog hands-on format we look at simple modular approach that lends itself to building PHP applications that are quick to build, easily customized and extend.


Presented is a coding pattern that was put together from years of asking questions, teaching and developing PHP applications. The original objectives were to be able to present a programming pattern that if followed would produce a solid, scalable, secure and well abstracted PHP web based application. The individual parts also needed be module and have a simple discoverable API thus easily ported from application to application. Finally it would need to be simple enough to enable person who knew the basics of PHP to be productive in hours as opposed to days or weeks.

The outcome is a very simple to use programming pattern that inherently scales, has a discoverable API, virtually complete front-end abstraction and is modular.

So come on in and give it whirl and let see if we can put out the next rock star app in less then 2 hours. This is a hands on activity so bring your laptop with your favorite editor and I supply the server.

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