Cooking with wok

Short Form


Making a website is easier than ever, but tools like Wordpress, Drupal, and Blogger are often overkill for the simple sites that we want to make. Dynamic sites require resources on every page load, and most of the time the extra efforts are wasted since the site doesn’t change very often. To solve this problem, tools like Jekyll, Hyde, and Nanoc, providing tools like templates and formatting. This session is about wok, a static generator I stated created because I didn’t like the style of the currently available tools.


Using a tool like wok can be intimidating, if you aren’t familiar using command line programs, and are used to using web interfaces to work with websites. This talk will cover a high level overview of the features wok provides, a walk through of creating a site in wok, starting with the basic tools needed to make a site, and finally demoing some of the interesting features that make wok awesome.

Key features of wok:

Speaking experience

This is my first experience speaking at a traditional conference, but I have presented sessions at the local Linux Users Group and Barcamp sessions.


  • Mike Cooper

    OSU Open Source Lab


    Mike is studying computer science at Oregon State University, and is expecting to graduate in June, and pursuing a carrier in the open source community. He currently works as a Community Systems Administrator at the OSU Open Source Lab, where he is part of a team that provides hosting for open source projects including, Drupal, Apache Software Foundation, and many more.

    In his two years at the OSL, Mike has worked on projects such as deploying puppet, maintaining a cluster of FTP mirror servers, deploying and OpenVPN system for OSL and project administrators, and working on the Oregon Virtual School District.

    Mike is also the vice-president of the OSU Linux Users Group, which advocates for free and open source software on campus, and provides support and teaching to the community.