Being the new sheriff^W barkeep in town

Short Form


What are the special challenges for a new community manager stepping into a long-established open source community?


In 2011 I came onboard as the community manager for MediaWiki, which hadbeen around for about a decade with no anointed coordinator. I found myself exploring a community that had more nooks and crannies than an English muffin, a woolly code base, and longstanding problems that took me months to recognize (especially in our slow pace of patch review). Instead of setting up new processes and structures, I tried to opportunistically piggyback on existing workflows and step carefully around old feuds. I’ll share my case and ask the audience to share more such tips and stories.

Speaking experience

I've presented at Foo Camp, Open Source Bridge 2011 , and Open Source Bridge 2010 , Wikimania 2011 , keynoted PICC , led or organized several Wikimedia hackathons, taught several courses at UC Berkeley, and performed at Bay Area stand-up comedy venues, including Google .