Better Support Living through Software aka Make your own support workflow

Short Form


Just say no to aimless, time wasting support forum browsing; the 1990s are over! Make your own awesome customized support flow.


  1. Just Say No to Aimless Support Forum Browsing
  2. Make Support Come to you on your terms
  3. Use The API Luke (or Scrape if you have to)
  4. You can do this
  5. Ruby scripts to make a custom support workflow for Get Satisfaction Thunderbird support and on SuMo for Mozilla Firefox

Speaking experience

This will be a greatly expanded version of the lightning talk I gave in June 2011:

Northern Voice 2011 Lightning Talk - Why and how anybody can use flickr + HTML5 to quickly and easily write compelling mashups :
Gave a presentation on Cameraphones at Northern Voice 2011 (instead of Kris Krug):


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    Roland Tanglao



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