OAuth: A Question of Trust

Short Form


OAuth is designed to enable a user, application and third party to negotiate appropriate access to the user's data as held by the application. With OAuth1 and OAuth 2 both in use, and radically different from one another, this session covers what the options - and the pitfalls - are.


OAuth is a great solution to a difficult problem, but still manages to sound complicated since it involves multiple steps (for OAuth 1) and multiple flows (for OAuth 2) – and the two versions are nothing alike. This session gives a high level overview of which problem “OAuth” actually solves, covers how both OAuth 1 and OAuth 2 fit into existing architecture and when to use them, and gives resources for finding out more about each. If you’re sharing user data between applications and want to do so securely, then this session is for you.

Speaking experience

I have extensive speaking experience, mostly at PHP conferences as that's my background, and although I haven't given this talk before, I am due to deliver it at the Dutch PHP Conference in June. My previous talks and articles, including links to slides, video and feedback on joind.in, are all on my website: http://lornajane.net/resources


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    Lorna is an independent PHP consultant based in Leeds, UK. She leads the joind.in open source project, which provides a platform for real-time, public feedback at community events. She is an experienced event organiser and speaker herself, having hosted the Dutch PHP Conference and co-founded the PHP North West conference and user group. She has spoken at technical events across Europe and beyond, predominantly on technical topics around PHP and APIs, but also on topics around business, projects and open source. She regularly delivers technical training sessions and is also active as a mentor with PHPWomen.org. Author of the book PHP Master from Sitepoint, Lorna loves to write and is regularly published at a number of outlets including netmagazine and of course her own blog lornajane.net.