Open Source, OpenStack, and Cloud

Short Form


The growth of cloud computing and open source adoption have been closely linked by changes in technology, enterprise computing demands, and economic models, as industry leaders like Amazon, Dell, Rackspace and VMWare have pioneered the cloud-open source evolution.


As the cloud and open source economic models evolved, OpenStack, the open source platform for building private and public infrastructure clouds entered the picture. Originally starting with NASA and Rackspace, and now with more than 145 leading companies participating in the OpenStack project, it has gained significant traction in the industry. Today, with future cloud development expected to be open, OpenStack is the dominant IaaS cloud platform. As such, it is one of the most important open source movements today.
The talk will focus on:
• Where cloud and open source meet in the data center
• How OpenStack has evolved to be a leading cloud solution
• The future of OpenStack

Speaking experience

I host and moderate the quarterly OpenStack Bay Area Meetings in Silicon Valley, conduct numerous Webinars, and speak to industry groups. I have also had articles published in CIO Magazine, Cloud Computing Journal, Software Development Times, and Virtualization Review.

This talk has not been given before.