Seven Essential Skills to Cultivate for Happiness Working in the Open Source World

Short Form


In this talk, Leslie and Amye will explore 7 essential skills for getting things done in the open source world. Hint: it looks a lot like the skills you need for your day job.


While being successful working in open source often requires learning several new skills, there’s a great deal of overlap between the means to getting things done in FOSS projects and at your day job. Achieving your full potential requires balancing many needs: those of your project, your contributor team, your project leadership and your own satisfaction. In this talk, Leslie and Amye will explore seven essential skills that ensure you can balance those needs effectively and get stuff done, faster, better and stronger: negotiation, communication, setting boundaries, networking, information discovery, navigating social structures & using unproductive times to your advantage.

Speaking experience

Both Amye and Leslie have spoken at numerous technical and academic conferences as well as FOSS meetups and hackfests worldwide.


  • Hawthorn


    Leslie Hawthorn brings over 10 years experience in high tech project management, marketing and public relations to her role as Community Manager for AppFog. Prior to AppFog, she held roles as the Open Source Outreach Manager for Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab and as a Open Source Program Manager for Google. While at Google, Leslie was responsible for the company’s outreach efforts, including creating the world’s first program to get pre-university students involved in open source, the Google Highly Open Participation Contest (now Google Code-In) and managing its university focused counterpart, the Google Summer of Code program.

  • Osbridge2

    Amye Scavarda

    Red Hat


    Community Lead who feeds and waters Gluster.