Building a Database Encryption Solution



Encryption is easy, key management is hard. Learn how to build a database encryption solution that also supports effective and secure key management.


If your application stores credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other type of sensitive information in a database, encryption represents the last line of defense against attackers. But correctly implementing encryption and the associated key management functions is tricky and error prone.

This talk walks through the basics of encryption and key management so that the user has a solid foundation on which to build a database encryption and key management solution.

Speaking experience


  • Kenan


    Kevin Kenan is the Managing Director of K2DD where he specializes in application and database security and encryption. He is the author of “Cryptography in the Database” and is a former senior manager in Symantec’s Information Security department. He has developed software professionally for many years, though much of his current work focuses on helping small to mid-sized businesses develop appropriate and effective information security programs.