Freeing Open Source from the Clouds



Open source is becoming increasingly prevalent in the cloud, but often it remains locked within proprietary SaaS models or complex licensing arrangements. This talk will focus on the ways that we can free open source in the cloud and provide value with platform as a service capabilities.


A major revenue model for many open source companies is to take open source applications and create software as a service offerings for them. These applications, while open source, are often obfuscated or limited by SaaS models that are typically a part of taking applications “into the cloud”. This traps users of SaaS software, and has come to be one of the major criticisms of many cloud-based offerings (when I stop paying, everything goes away).

This presentation proposes an alternative value proposition. Instead of having a proprietary model where the value becomes trapped by that service offering, provide a platform for users to do whatever they want with their open source application. Allow then to use it in a way that is least restrictive and to take what they’ve created and move it outside of your offering if they so desire.

In short, we’ll be talking about how to free our cloud-based apps from restrictive SaaS models and the ways organizations can still provide value without them.

Also, my presentation will include kittens.

Speaking experience