FOSS Tools for Photographers



In this talk, Tim Harder will introduce you to all the crazy cool things you can do with FOSS panoramic photography tools like Hugin, open source viewers and more.


Love taking beautiful photos? Love making beautiful panoramic photos?

In this talk, Tim Harder will draw on his eight years of experience with FOSS photography tools and panoramic photography to introduce you to all of the crazy cool things you can do with FOSS photography tools. Starting off with the basic use cases for Hugin, an open source panorama stitching software suite, Tim will take you through the basics of creating panorama photos, followed up with a discussion of advanced stitching techniques and using Hugin to create high-dynamic-range (HDR) images. He’ll also explore the wonderful world of open source viewers and related software that belong in the panoramic photographer’s “camera case.”

Speaking experience


  • Tim

    Tim Harder

    OSU Open Source Lab


    Tim Harder works as a programmer focusing on embedded systems for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSL). He is also a Gentoo developer and enjoys hacking on ebuilds and other Gentoo-related tools. In addition, he often experiments with open source hardware and is currently working on implementing a sensor network for a small-scale farm environment.

    In his free time away from computers, so not much time at all, really, Tim dabbles in photography and can usually be found running, biking or hiking on the trails around the Corvallis area. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Oregon State University.