Unicorn: Tools and methods for vanquishing evil



Join us for an introduction to Unicorn.VC, and help us vanquish evil.


For thousands of years evil has existed on our planet virtually unchecked. In trying to vanquish it, societies have not tried and failed – they have tried and died. Modern developers have tools unimagined by those brave but fallen warriors, tools that can be used to vanquish evil.

The Unicorn has been a symbol of good, a lightening rod in the battle versus evil. Developed quietly over years in secret mountain hideaways and underground laboratories, we are only now prepared to reveal Unicorn: a tool for vanquishing evil. Unicorn is a language. Unicorn is a framework. Unicorn is a set of modules. Unicorn is even a new venture capital firm. All of these are dedicated to vanquishing evil.

Join is for a breakout session where we introduce Unicorn.VC and our tools for vanquishing evil. Meet us, learn about our tools and how we will use them to vanquish evil.

And help us figure out what evil actually is, because it would be a real shame to accidentally vanquish the wrong thing.

Speaking experience