IndexedDb: Your Client-side NoSQL DB



Sqlite provided a very cool offline storage system for web applications, but there is a new standards-based DB in town, IndexedDb. See how web applications can keep their user's data 100% private. Gawk at how sophisticated web applications can use offline local storage. Recoil in horror at the boring name... IndexedDb


Let’s talk local storage! In 2011 web applications for mobile and desktop are an attractive alternative to native apps! Cutting edge browsers are building a new standards-based db with a NoSQL/Asynchronous API. We’ll look at what IndexedDb is, how to use it, and talk about some pitfalls with the new feature.

The session will demo and then walk through the code of a IndexedDb based web application.

Join the session and get some new architectural ideas for how to innovate, protect your user’s privacy, and build better UX with IndexedDb.

Speaking experience