Inside Dalvik



Dalvik is Google's version of the Java VM for running apps on Android. This session gives an introduction to the concepts shared by Java and Dalvik, as well as how to migrate code from one to another platform.


In less that three years, application development for cell phones has changed dramatically. What some call “app economy” become more and more important for even larger devices like tablets, netbooks and many other. Google Android is one of the major operating systems in mobile industry – and truly, it is backed by Java techniques. Dalvik VM, the place for running applications on Google Android, was built by Dan Bornstein and shares many conecpts with Java, tough it is a completely different product. This session gives a detailed overview on what Java and Dalvik have in common, how to use your Java SE and ME code and where changes are neccessary.

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  • Markus franz

    Markus Franz

    Sucomo OHG


    Since year 2008, Franz has been serving as General Partner with Sucomo. His company is a leading multi-service provider in open technologies, digital publishing and cloud computing. He has been a long-time contributor to open source projects and is a very passionate programmer. Prior, he was Co-Founder with Blogform, the leader in rich media publishing. He did a lot research work in information retrieval and was a pioneer in meta search engine development.