LibreOffice and - The Evolution of Office



By founding the Document Foundation, a major part of the community left Oracle for speeding up development. This session shows how merged with Go-Oo and other projects to LibreOffice and how it is technically different from releases.


By the end of year 2010, a major part of the community has left their home at Oracle Corporation. The acquisition of Sun was just the straw to break the camel’s back – and so, the community founded the Document Foundation. LibreOffice it is major project: For many people, the software seems completely identical to – but in fact, it isn’t. The developers have recently stared to integrate code from Novell’s Go-Oo project and other sources, so day by day LibreOffice grows up more and more. This session gives an overview on where the office suite stands today, where development goes and how to transfer your extensions from to LibreOffice.

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  • Markus franz

    Markus Franz

    Sucomo OHG


    Since year 2008, Franz has been serving as General Partner with Sucomo. His company is a leading multi-service provider in open technologies, digital publishing and cloud computing. He has been a long-time contributor to open source projects and is a very passionate programmer. Prior, he was Co-Founder with Blogform, the leader in rich media publishing. He did a lot research work in information retrieval and was a pioneer in meta search engine development.