Putting the Pieces Together



Building a scalable application with Magnolia CMS, jQuery and Google AppEngine


We recently built an interactive training application to teach people how to use Atlassian products using open source technologies. The application is composed of a unique architecture that highlights the strengths of Google App Engine for it’s database, Magnolia CMS for content creation, and jQuery UI for it’s presentation.

While we set out to build an app just for training on Atlassian products, what we ended up building is an application that could be used for training on any web application. Training Lessons are written in the CMS and are included as a JavaScript overlay into a host application with a single line of HTML.

This talk will cover what each piece does, how the application’s architecture evolved over time, and what we think it will be in the future.

Check it out and come prepared to discuss: http://university.atlassian.com

Speaking experience


  • Halvorson

    Mark Halvorson

    Atlassian Software


    Mark Halvorson is the Chief Imagineer and OpenSocial Evangelist at Atlassian Software – the makers of JIRA and Confluence – as well as a member of the OpenSocial Foundation Board of Directors. He has a long history working with portals and social enterprise software having worked in various capacities from software developer to technical marketer for Firepond, Plumtree, BEA and Oracle.