Dropping ACID: Alternative Consistency Models for Databases - PG-13



Consistency models may not be what you think they are


This session will cover the various consistency models available when using non-relational databases, including strong, immediate, monotonic and eventual consistency. In particular, we’ll look at MongoDB and explore how to transact on documents, what sorts of transactions are possible and not possible with MongoDB, as well as a discussion of the commit model.

Some prior knowledge of transactional models and noSQL is asssumed. No illegal activities are suggested or condoned.

Speaking experience


  • Roger


    Roger heads the West Coast Operations for 10gen. He has over 20 years of experience of building and delivering great and innovative products to market and has deep expertise and knowledge of database architectures and internals. Roger holds several patents for database and middleware technology. His experience leading product development and engineering teams includes 12 years with Oracle’s Database and Application Server development organization where he pioneered products that delivered heterogeneous interoperability, as well as several years as SVP of product operations and engineering at Apple’s PowerSchool division. Roger also held leadership positions at OuterBay and Efficient Frontier. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from the HogeSchool Enschede.


      • Title: No More Joins
      • Track: Cooking
      • Room: B202/03
      • Time: 10:0011:45am
      • Excerpt:

        Everything you learned about database modeling is wrong. At least for document databases like CouchDB and MongoDB. Learn about these differences, the trade-offs, the use cases, and put it all in practice in a discussion about a real-life document database problem. Unlearn SQL habits and relax.

      • Speakers: Nuno Job, J Chris Anderson, Roger Bodamer