Constructing Effective Arguments



Ever find yourself having difficulty convincing others on the mailing list that your idea is the "right way" to do things? How about convincing your manager that it really is a great idea to run Open Source software? Need to get that patch accepted upstream? Come learn how to construct an effective argument, and increase your powers of persuasion.


Learn effective argument construction from a former debate champion who drives her family and friends crazy with her propensity to argue about well, everything. We’ll cover basic argument construction including claims, evidence and warrants and knowing when to use what types of claims – value, factual or policy and how to support those claims with evidence.

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  • Biography

    Jennifer Redman runs a technology-consulting company called Buunabet, that helps companies and organizations use and deploy Open Source software. Jennifer is the Associate Systers Keeper for Systers – the largest and oldest international email community of women in computing, and was a mentor and organization administrator for the 2009 Systers’ Google Summer of Code Project. She is a long-time advocate for and user of Open Source Technology. Jennifer is an omnivore who loves to travel and voraciously consume books.