The new schism: SQL vs. NoSQL



RDMS showed us the one true way to organize data, yet the NoSQL movement shows us how it fails. The faithful are confused and concerned. The heretics rally boldly in the streets with torches and pitchforks, yelling something about "doesn't scale," while the defenders of orthodoxy scream about the features and safeties these strange new gods lack, and do the apostates even realize it?

As the philosophical storm brews, DB admins and developers must make fateful decisions that will affect the rest of the code's life. Here they will glean the first glimpses of the knowledge they will need to make informed choices and be spared the wrath of the database gods.


We’ll look at some of the complaints people have about commonly available RDBMS systems, how they’re addressed, and why some people choose to migrate to other kinds of systems. We’ll examine the best points from both sides of the squabble, look at some real-world deployments both large and small, and think about how to make our own best decisions.

We’ll also put forth a new motto: not NoSQL, but N-O-SQL—Not Only SQL.

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