X.Org And You: Answers to Common Questions



What is X? Why do we still use it after twenty years? What will we be doing with X and graphics in the future? Come have these questions, and more, answered in a straightforward, simple manner.


The X11 Windowing System, commonly called X, has been a staple of the open-source desktop ever since its inception in the late 1980s. It has been the dominant display server and windowing system for most Unices, including Linux, and stands today as one of the core pieces of plumbing in the Linux ecosystem. However, most people are still puzzled over why it is still around, and why it is so essential.

We will discuss why X is important right now, why competitors to X have largely failed, where X development is headed, and how the community can stay involved.

We will also discuss the other components of the free desktop, the roles of the X.Org Foundation and freedesktop.org, and the general state of desktop environments as they pertain to the plumbing of Linux.

There will be time for questions and answers. This will not be a deeply technical talk, although technical questions are welcome.

Speaking experience