Usability testing on a shoestring



Usability testing can be fast, cheap and effective. Learn simple, unintimidating ways to do usability testing to identify things that are going horribly wrong.


While it’s great that User Interface and User Experience is getting such lip service, many organizations still see usability testing as something that’s time consuming and expensive.

It doesn’t have to be. Usability testing is a great way to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. And there are a number of ways to approach it.

We’ll look at some low-tech ways of doing quick-n-dirty testing. We’ll talk about how your testees can help you improve design interfaces. We’ll talk about how user testing data can be used for the greater good, like preventing websites with mystery meat navigation. And we’ll demo those low-tech approaches so you can see them in action.

You’ll walk away with a couple of new techniques — share them with your colleagues.

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