Open Source Ethernet I/O Convergence in the Data Center with Open FCoE, iSCSI and Data Center Bridging as building blocks of The Cloud



That LAN port on your server just got sexy with high speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet and storage protocols providing the building blocks for data center LAN/SAN protocol convergence. We'll explore the protocol stacks, code resources and the application of these technologies in virtualized data centers. We'll also talk about the "big iron" IT vendor’s application of I/O convergence and how you as an open source developer can contribute.


The link to the FCoE open source project is here:

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    Dr Normal or doc normal is the nom de plume of Mike Gebhardt, who studied music theory, composition and arranging at Portland State University. He spent a brief stint in his early professional career as a stage and studio percussionist and drummer, in addition to audio engineer and synthesizer performer. In the late 1980’s he began a long career in technology, first as a BBS Sysop and later as a hardware and software technologist in enterprise IT networking and the world wide web. Throughout the 1990’s Mike also remained active in the arts scene, composing music for modern ballet and working in digital video production.

    After a brief hiatus, in 2007 he resumed activity in digital media by co-creating and producing talk show podcast Strange Love Live, tech podcast memePDX and hosting his own podcast Crazy Talk. Mike is currently very active as a Senior Producer for live web events. He has successfully produced live video for high-profile events, such as: Cyborg Camp, Bar Camp Portland, Digital Journalism Camp, Ignite, Rose City Rollers, Open Source Bridge, Webvisions and 30 Hour Day. He also gives presentations on podcasting and live web production. Mike has appeared as a speaker at Wordcamp and Digital Journalism Camp. He can be contacted for consulting, event or speaker inquiries via Twitter: @drnormal or email: drnormal gmail com and also on Facebook.


      • Title: Free Content for Good: Producing 30 Hour Day
      • Track: Culture
      • Room: Fremont
      • Time: 1:302:15pm
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        30 Hour Day was the first web-based live streaming telethon of its kind, designed to raise money for local charities in Portland and beyond. In this presentation, I’ll share my “eureka moment” when I realized that 30 Hour Day could be the lightening rod for smaller charities in local communities around the world to use our content to raise money and awareness.

        We’ll also have a preview of the next 30 Hour Day (July 2nd & 3rd at Pioneer Courthouse Square) and how you can get involved!

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