Migrate your data into Drupal the not-so-hard way



Your data is already in a database. Let's get it into Drupal posthaste, with as little wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth as possible.


If you use any CMS, your data is databased — which is great until you decide to use Drupal. Sure, Drupal is difficult enough to be interesting and full of possibility — but how to do you get the data into Drupal without doing data entry?

Well, there’s a module (or three) for that. Using Table Wizard with Schema and Migrate can not only allow you to get your data into Drupal, but it can transform it into first class nodes that you can manipulate using Views.

We’ll show a real-world situation: taking events entered into proprietary software, extracting the data, and using the power of Drupal to make it sing. We’ll how to take raw data from a comma delimited file, clean it up, and get it into Drupal using Table Wizard & PhpMyAdmin. Then, we’ll show how Migrate can take that awkward database table and turn it into a content type.

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